Our Patient Engagement Group [PEG]

Our Patient Engagement Groups

We are very pleased to be able to have the 'critical friend' support of two Patient Engagement Groups [PEGs].  They form the basis of initial partnership engagement with the patient community.  

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Interested in feeding back to the PEG about your service?  If so then please click onto this link: https://forms.office.com/r/W6A2tEM7Li

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Useful Information provided by the Patient Engagement Groups

We hope that patients find these articles of value.  We have provided them with the intention of informing and supporting patient understanding of matters in which we, as a group, have learnt since being involved with the surgeries in the capacity of the PEG.

Article 01 - Welcome to the PEG. This article is an introduction article to those patients wishing to join the PEG.  You can find the article here.

Article 02 - Why you dont always see a GP.  This article covers the reasons why you would not always see a GP and the benefits that you may gain from this. You can find this article here.

Article 03 - Moving from the Health Board to GP Partnership.  This article introduces our thoughts on the recent move of the surgeries from being managed by the Health Board to being managed by a GP partnership. You can find this article here.

Article 04 - Problems at the Pharmacy. This article covers the process of repeat prescriptions and medication reviews. You can find this article here