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Dear patients of Plas Menai Health Centre.

In recent weeks, the level of abuse directed at staff working within the health centre has increased to unacceptable levels.  Abuse of individuals whether physical or otherwise is not acceptable in any society.  This is more so disappointing understanding that the individuals to which the abuse is directed towards, are doing their best, under difficult circumstances, to support patients.

We accept frustration and that recent events such as the change in clinical systems [All of which is being done to improve our future service] – will have increased levels of frustration towards the health centre.  However, we can not accept abuse of our staff to which we have a duty of care. 

In the last five years only one patient has been removed from our patient listing due to threats made against the life of staff. We have in that period issued four warnings.

Our policy evidentially has been to be tolerate the frustration felt by patients.  Our ability to manage that tolerance and the welfare of our staff is becoming more challenging however. 

We subsequently ask that patients:

1. Tone down their criticism of the health centre;

2. Present factual matters rather than misinform which is more often the case – particularly when using social media;

3. Consider raising frustrations in a more meaningful manner which may support our efforts to improve – you can do this by following our ‘Concerns’ policy or alternatively emailing your thoughts directly to We will endeavour to respond;

4. Consider joining our ‘Patient Engagement Group’ [PEG].

Continued efforts to abuse our staff will not be tolerated.  We will issue letters of warning to patients who continue to direct their abuse at our staff.  We will then, if matters persist, be left with no option than to remove abusive patients from our service.

Richard – 10 August 2022.





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Job Opportunity

For further information please follow the Link

Patient Survey

Help us to understand your thoughts regarding our potential future changes ....

 COVID-19 has brought much concern, sadness and despair. It has however enabled new ways of working

to develop at times when urgent need to adapt to change was paramount to maintain our service.

We have taken stock of these changes and believe many may be here for the long term.

Please help us to understand your thoughts on our thoughts for the future Plas Menai Health service by completing this short survey ... your time, help and considerations are most appreciated. Thank you.

To complete the survey please access the following link:   


Request a COVID-19 test

Patients wishing to request a test for COVID-19 are to do so through this link:

Request Test

….Our service changes for dealing with the Operational risk presented by COVID-19

As a result of the risk posed by COVID-19,  we have been required to make significant changes to the way in which we

provide service to our patients.  With immediate effect the health center will:

Adopt a ‘Triage and Invite’ service

this means that ALL patients will be required to process through a telephone triage prior to being invited into the health center for an appointment.

NOT permit patients

to attend the health centre without an invite to an appointment unless: - They are delivering a prescription request; - Dropping off samples;

NOT invite patients

 to attend the health centre at 8.30am to secure an appointment – all appointment are to be made by phone.

Require patients

to uplift their prescriptions direct from their chosen pharmacy and to wear face coverings if invited to attend the medical centre premises.

The health centre needs to retain resilience through this time and we ask our patients to support our changes and to

also comply with the advice given by Public Health Wales

DO NOT attend the health centre if you feel you have COVID-19 symptoms.

We ask ALL our patients to support us at this time as we stand intent on doing our best to support you - we wish you all the best in health!!

Patient Information

For the latest advice and information about the Coronavirus please follow this link:

Coronavirus Guidance

Patient Engagement Group [PEG]

A PEG Virtual Meeting will take place on: Monday 13th July 2020 at 17.30 

mens health

We support Men's Health 

Plas Menai Health Centre is very keen to support Men's Health and provide useful information

to our patients at the following link:    Forum


Rydym yn cefnogi iechyd dynion

Mae Canolfan Iechyd Plas Menai yn awyddus iawn i gefnogi  Iechyd Dynion a darparu gwybodaeth

ddefnyddiol i’n cleifion ar y ganlynol:  Fforwm

Travel Health Clinic

Our new Travel Health Clinic is run by our Nurse Carol. 

Travel Clinic appointments can be booked in through our Care Navigators.  The Clinics are held once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Prior to your appointment you will be required to submit a Pre-Travel Health Clinic Questionnaire which can be found along with other useful information, on the above menu "Our Services - Travel Vaccinations" or via Travel.

We would appreciate that this questionnaire is completed and submitted 2 weeks in advance of your appointment.

Clinig Iechyd Teithio

Mae ein Clinig Iechyd Teithio newydd yn cael ei redeg gan Nyrs Carol. 

Gellir trefnu apwyntiadau Clinig Teithio drwy ein Tywyswyr Gofal.  Cynhelir y Clinigau bob pythefnos ar brynhawniau Mercher. 

Cyn eich apwyntiad bydd gofyn i chi gyflwyno Holiadur Clinig Iechyd Cyn-Teithio, y gellir dod o

hyd iddo (ynghyd â gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol arall) : ar y ddewislen uchod "Ein Gwasanaethau - Brechiadau Teithio" neu drwy Travel - byddem yn gwerthfawrogi pe bai'r holiadur hwn yn cael ei lenwi a'i gyflwyno bythefnos cyn eich apwyntiad

Voluntary Transport Scheme is currently suspended due to Covid19

 GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

As of 25th May 2018, Primary Care providers are to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation 

For more information, please visit this link GDPR

Y Rheoliad Cyffredinol ar Ddiogelu Data

Mae’n rhaid i bob darparwr gofal sylfaenol gydymffurfio â'r Rheoliad Cyffredinol ar Ddiogelu Data erbyn 25 Mai 2018. 

Am ragor o wybodaeth ynghylch ein taith tuag at gydymffurfio â’r Rheoliad Cyffredinol, dilynwch y ddolen hon GDPR

Patient Engagement Group [PEG]

Why not join our Patient Engagement Group? The group currently meets once a month to discuss matters concerning the Health Centre.

They are our critical friend and we very much value their input, time and direction.

If you are keen to become involved then please do let us know by completing the detail at the following link: Join!

A specific web page assigned to the work of the PEG can be found here 

Grŵp Ymgysylltu â Chleifion [PEG]

Beth am ymuno â’n Grŵp Ymgysylltu â Chleifion?  Ar hyn o bryd, mae’r grŵp yn cyfarfod unwaith y mis i drafod materion sy'n

ymwneud â'r Ganolfan Iechyd.  Nhw yw ein cyfaill beirniadol ac rydym yn gwerthfawrogi eu mewnbwn, eu hamser a’u cyfarwyddyd yn fawr iawn.  

Os ydych chi’n awyddus i gyfrannu, rhowch wybod i ni drwy lenwi'r manylion yn y ddolen ganlynol: Ymuno â!

Mae tudalen benodol ar y we wedi'i neilltuo ar gyfer gwaith y PEG, sef Yma

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